Warnie’s weight management

In response to all of the media hype surrounding Shane Warne’s remarkable weight loss, I thought I was time to set myself up a blog.

After a game of poker, I finally persuaded Shane to begin taking TAIslim, as he wanted to shed a few kilos. Shane has been taking the TAIslim weight management system for a couple of months now and I know we can all agree that he has seen fantastic results. To hear more about Shane’s weight loss, visit ShaneWarne.com

Shane is not the only high profile athlete currently taking TAIslim, I have also helped Brendan Fevola to achieve his weight loss goals. He now has some hearty competition and is keen to shed a few kilos. He has had great success thus far and has lost 15 kgs since May and is keen to keep going. Fev’s influence with those around him have enabled his story to become a success.

However, the most important weight loss success is that of my Mum. She has managed to lose a whopping 17kgs since beginning the system. And it is seeing the improvement in her overall well being that has been able to effect me the most. I am proud of her effort and support her in aiming to fit into her wedding dress by her anniversary.

If you are interested in reading more about TAIslim visit: www.stevenbaker.taislim.com or shoot me an email at info@stevenbaker.com.au and I can help you to get started in your own weight loss journey.

Or for a quick guide on the benefits of the products, download the PDF:

TAIslim Total Body System

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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  1. Tremendously helpful appreciate it, It looks like your current audience may very well want considerably more posts along these lines carry on the excellent hard work.

  2. ZEE says:

    A speedy red fox jumped over the lazy dog

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