Confused with calories?

Do you hear people talking about the amount of calories in an apple compared to a burger? You know there is a substantial difference and you think you know what is good for you and what’s not…. But what you don’t know is why calorie counting is so important to weight management, and exactly how you do it. Calories are confusing!

In my profession, we are constantly watching what we eat in order to ensure our bodies are being fueled with the correct vitamin and minerals. This is so we have enough energy for training and games. It is important to know exactly what you are putting in. The nutrition information on the back of packets, provide you with grams of fat and carbohydrates but what does this mean??

For this reason I’ve come across the IPhone App ‘My Fitness Pal’. This application helps you to count your calorie intake, whilst recording your exercise output. It is a great App because you can track your weight management progress. And what makes the App all the more accessible is that it is available online.

My Fitness Pal allows you to make a weight goal and helps you to work towards it. Once downloaded, users are prompted to enter in their profile statistics; such as weight, height, target weight, sex and kilogram loss goal per week. Based on your personal statistics, the App feeds you your daily calorie target.

Then all you have to do is enter in each of your foods, drinks and exercise for the day. The App then calculates your calorie intake. It shows you what foods are high in calories and what you will need to do to ensure you don’t exceed your calorie goal. You can even scan in the barcode of your items into the App, which is read by the database and the correct nutrition information is added into your daily intake.

Your results are then transcribed to a graph, where you are able to view your results over the week. This is good because you can see how to ensure that you are on track to your weight goals.

You even have the ability to connect with your friends and help them become motivated. However your measurements are not given to your friends. The only thing they can see is whether or not they have checked in and the amount of calories you’ve burnt during a period of exercise. It also asks you to encourage your friends, when they have not checked in for a period of time.

I believe that in combination with the TAIslim Weight Management System, the My Fitness Pal App will help you to reach your ideal weight.

To obtain My Fitness Pal, visit the App Store on your Apple product, or by visiting


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