So, what is GoChi juice?

What are ‘Goji berries’?

Common thought is that one Goji berry is the same as the next, and it’s contains no more vitamins than consuming an apple or
an orange. The truth is there are 98 different strands of the Goji berry, but there is only one strand that possesses the unique make up proven to improve your health.

FreeLife have spent over 8 years of research and development in order to bring this one strand to the consumer. FreeLife were
able to locate the most potent strain of the Goji berry in a remote area in the Himalayans. FreeLife now own 98% of the land in order to ensure their products remain at a consistently high standard and cannot be imitated.

What makes FreeLife’s Goji juice different?

FreeLife’s Goji berries unique strand, enable them to be the closest thing you can consume to having a living plant in a bottle.

Originally when FreeLife’s Goji berries were released to the market, they created such a buzz, that it sparked the creation of lesser copycat products. This was a massive learning curve for FreeLife, resulting in more research and development in order to make their products superior. Their products were retested, re-branded (from Himalayan Goji Juice to GoChi Juice) and finally trade marked in order to eliminate the reproduction of inferior copycat products.

Celebrity endorsement in Goji berries

Oprah stated that Goji is the most potent antioxidant fruit we know.” She then goes on to list Goji berries as a superfood and says Miracle Nutrient: Carotenoidsgoji is particularly rich in the carotenoid beta-carotene, which the body turns into retinol, a form of vitamin A that [is believed to]… boost the immune system.” From

Dr. OZ from the Oprah Winfrey show then goes on to say “What happens to a lot of great athletes is they are creating so much oxidation in their body from working out all the time, especially if you’re working out for more than two hours a day—you’re doing this for sure—that you don’t have the oxidant stores to keep up with that. So you’ve got to build up those antioxidant stores by taking leafy green vegetables.”

“Bright colored fruits, like goji berries, are also great,” Dr. Oz says. “They grow in the Himalayas. They’re the most potent antioxidant fruit that we know,” he says. “Remember, foods are drugs. They work just like that. But especially for an athlete that’s moving fast all over the place, you’ve got to keep the antioxidant stores in your body high and the best way to do it is through the foods you eat.” From

When I first joined FreeLife, I signed up to take advantage of the GoChi Juice. As a troubled sleeper and a long time sufferer of fatigue I was looking for something to help me out. Since taking the GoChi juice I have noticed a significant difference in my sleeping patterns and more energy during training and games, as well as a decrease in recovery time. Due to my own sucess on the product, I since signed up many of my team mates on the GoChi juice.


Below is a one of the slides from my current presentation.

Ideas contained in this post are from: ‘The Secret is Out’ by Nat and Tracey Gruin, edited by Em Hall.
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  1. Beverley Seymour says:

    would like to buy go chi juice have tried it and love it but having trouble as to where i can buy it in victoria. thank you

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