@BrendanFevola25 weight management success!!

Thanks to Brendan Fevola, yesterday I was lucky enough to join Grubby and Dee Dee on Gold 104.3

Fev had arranged for me to come in early and chat about the success that the TAIslim weight management system has had on him.

Of course everyone has heard about Shane Warne’s personal story, but lets not forget Fev who has had a similar and just as significant change to his weight. Fev has lost more tha

n 16kgs on the TAIslim system and will continue to shed weight.

After seeing a picture of Fev in the paper, I rang Fev and after some friendly banter, finally managed to sign him onto the onto the TAIslim Quick Start Pack. Since then we have been working together in ensuring that he continues to lose weight.

I look forward to hearing about the great results that Grubby will have on TAIslim. Stay tuned for updates from Grubby. 

If you are thinking about losing those extra winter kilos, please contact me and I will help you out.








9 Responses to “@BrendanFevola25 weight management success!!”
  1. Properly stated and with wonderful timing

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