Team Flying Stars TAIslim Facebook Competition

Each day we edging closer to summer so now is the time to get fit for the new year!!

In order to celebrate the exciting new things coming to Team Flying Stars this month, we would like you to place pictures and progress information of your success on our Facebook page.

We are prepared to offer the ‘biggest loser’ on Facebook a TAIslim pack for their hard work.

This is also great because in building our network, we want you to share your success with TAIslim. As our network grows so do the amount of people Taking the TAIslim System. It will also help you to send your new people to, so that they can see how the products work.
Remember: to attach this blog address to every email you send out. as this will help to grow your own business.

We are also really excited to announce that we will be releasing our website very shortly. We are still playing around with a few bits and pieces. On our website we will have all sorts of information available including product information and business building tips. At the moment, you can access the documents on our Facebook page via sending an email to

DON’T forget to follow us on TWITTER: @TeamFlyingStars and get trending with #TFS

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

See you in SUMMER!

Team Flying Stars

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