Congratulations to MY MUM!!!

I am always talking about how my Mum has been so successful on the TAIslim weight management system.

Once the TAIslim system was released, I purchased a box of the products and sent them to Mum in Colac. After an illness Mum had gained a few excess kilos and was starting to feel unhappy with her appearance and her energy levels were non-existent. I told her that she was my first guinea pig and I wasn’t even sure if the stuff would work..

After around 3 weeks I received a phone call from Mum, and it was the happiest I had heard her for years.. She hadn’t weighed herself the whole time as she was trying to wait for a month, but after around 3 weeks she had lost 4kgs. The thing that she was over the moon about was that she hadn’t changed her diet or done one bit of exercise the whole 3 weeks. The Baker family are well-known for enjoying life to the fullest, and the fact that she hadn’t changed that fact made Mum fall in love with the system.

From getting these great results with little effort, this spurred Mum on to start looking after herself a bit better. She then started going on her weekly walks and getting back into the garden that had been neglected for months.. Mixed in with a better diet and exercise Mum lost 7kgs in her second month, and lost 15kgs all up in only 3 months.. I’m proud to say that nearly a year down the track Mum has kept the weight off and has lost a staggering 18kgs, which is a bloody great effort..

Dreams of fitting into her wedding dress by her wedding anniversary are no longer dreams, its more a worry that it may be too big…

I am going to keep you updated with the progress that my Mum is making. I am proud of her and I can’t wait to see her have more success in the future..

Mum and Dad are a large part of Team Flying Stars and their support has been endless.


4 Responses to “Congratulations to MY MUM!!!”
  1. Saz Medcraft says:

    Gayle what a fantastic effort you look truly amazing the best i’ve seen you look in years. so proud of you

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