Meet my sister Vicki- latest TAIslim challenger

Recent successes with the TAIslim system with my mum has sparked interest with my sister Vicki.

Since returning from Europe two weeks ago, Vicki has decided to take on a TAIslim challenge of her own. She wants to lose 6kgs over the next six weeks and has committed herself to the program. Living back in Colac with Mum has had a positive influence on Vicki’s progress, as they are both using the system.

So I have decided to blog Vicki’s progress on the system. She has committed to at least 30 minutes of exercise per day, this includes walking, running and swimming. Her aim to get back to running 10km a day and complete the Lorne ‘Pier to Pub’ in January.

Vicki is using the MyFitnessPal application to track her calorie intake and track her exercise results.

I will post updates when I receive them and of course we will do a before and after.

I am looking forward to following her progress.. Do not forget to post your own progress on our new Facebook page /TeamFlyingStars 




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