About Steven Baker

I have been a Professional AFL player for 12 years. My 200 game career has earned me life membership, and I am now a veteran with the St Kilda Saints. I debuted in 1999 and to this day still play the game in a hard and, sometimes leading to a visit to the tribunal. All this wear and tear has had a huge effect on my body, and over the last 3 years my body and joints have been getting worse and worse.

A year has passed since I was introduced to some products that have prolonged my time with the club I love.

I now want to tell you about this great company and amazing health products that have changed my life.

I have been a sufferer of fatigue all my football life. Over my 12 year career I have many ups and downs, especially with my body/injuries and mental state. Some mornings I was struggling to get out of bed due to stiff joints and aching muscles. Thoughts of retirement from the sport I love were starting to enter my thoughts more frequently.

My good mate then introduced me to  ‘GoChi Juice’. Being a total skeptic I was reluctant to try, but as he was a good friend I trusted him.  Since taking GoChi my energy levels increased and my recovery from games and training was amazing and have never felt better both on and off the field. I now running out games with ease and not cramping in the final quarter as I’ve done previously.

I now take three of the company’s four products and have no doubt these products are prolonging my time with the Mighty Saints.

However, the product I have the most passion for is a product is TAIslim. This weight management system has changed my Mum’s life and others that are close to me. Due to illness Mum gained a lot of weight and started to feel more and more depressed.

Since taking the TAIslim system Mum is back to her ideal weight after losing a massive 17kgs. Since then some other close friends have tried this system, one of which lost a staggering 26kgs.

I have personally seen FreeLife’s products change the lives of hundreds of people; including my family, close friends, fellow Saints and others I have met through this great company. I am working closely with my Flying Stars Team as FreeLife also offers you great income possibilities, giving you a chance to live a life of our choosing. I am so happy and proud to be associated with FreeLife and I will be taking and referring these products for the rest of my life.

Steven Baker
FreeLife Marketing Executive

www.stevenbaker.taislim.com or info@stevenbaker.com.au if you would like to contact me. 


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