World-leading Nutritional Company

FreeLife International is a company devoted to providing the most effective wellness products available on the market today. They aim to become the world leader in healthy weight management by 2015, and over the last year, the company has experienced record growth.

Leading the charge is the TAIslim Total Body System, which is a revolutionary healthy weight management system that is backed three core components; great science, great results, and great taste.

The TAIslim Total Body System has already helped thousands of people manage their weight, and keep it off. It is safe, easy to follow, and backed by ground-breaking clinical research. With its three innovative products and a system which is simple to follow, the TAIslim Total Body System makes it easier than ever to manage your weight the healthy way.

This world leading system is coupled with an incomparable business opportunity that provides individuals with the opportunity to earn some part-time income, or even experience their health and financial dreams.

Create a business of your own

People across the world have changed their lives with FreeLife’s ‘word of mouth’ business model, all from the comfort of their own homes. People have the opportunity to not only try the products, but also join FreeLife as a Marketing Executive.  This enables you to earn an income, simply by referring others to FreeLife’s great products.

FreeLife’s Compensation Plan is the most lucrative in the Direct Selling industry; check out their income statistics at  No other company that we know of can compare with these statistics.

The key to building a business with FreeLife is to be consistent, determined, hard working, and to develop your skills as a leader. By applying these success traits, you have the ability to reach all your financial goals with FreeLife.

For more information please email me:

To call FreeLife directly: 1 800 794 654


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