Team Flying Stars TAIslim Facebook Competition

Each day we edging closer to summer so now is the time to get fit for the new year!! In order to celebrate the exciting new things coming to Team Flying Stars this month, we would like you to place pictures and progress information of your success on our Facebook page. We are prepared to … Continue reading

A Current Affair talks about TAIslim and Shane Warne

In case you missed last night’s A Current Affair program talking about Shane Warne and his use of the TAIslim system. Please click the picture below… If you are interested in hearing more about the TAIslim Weight Management System or you would like me to send you some information. Please email, Related articles Want … Continue reading

How to get the most out of TAIslim..

In order to ensure that you maximise your weight management goals, you will need to take the TAIslim system effectively. This means following the directions outlined in the video I posted earlier. (Click here to see the video.) For those of you who would like something more solid I have decided to outline how to … Continue reading

@BrendanFevola25 weight management success!!

Thanks to Brendan Fevola, yesterday I was lucky enough to join Grubby and Dee Dee on Gold 104.3 Fev had arranged for me to come in early and chat about the success that the TAIslim weight management system has had on him. Of course everyone has heard about Shane Warne’s personal story, but lets not forget … Continue reading

Lose weight eating chocolate… find out how…

The biggest advantage to the TAIslim Total Body System is the emergence of weight management chocolate. These delicious little treats are called TAIslim SKINNYs and they have had a significant impact on the TAIslim system. TAIslim SKINNYs come apart of the Quick Start Pack, as I thought this incredible product was worth mentioning. The best part about SKINNYs is that you take them in … Continue reading

Want to sign up for TAIslim?

From working with the TAIslim sign up page, I have put together a document that explains exactly how to sign up to the same pack as Shane Warne and Brendan Fevola. (TAIslim Quick Start Pack with Skinnys) It is easy to follow. Firstly, go to Then download this document and follow the steps: SIGN UP TIPS … Continue reading

Warnie’s weight management

In response to all of the media hype surrounding Shane Warne’s remarkable weight loss, I thought I was time to set myself up a blog. After a game of poker, I finally persuaded Shane to begin taking TAIslim, as he wanted to shed a few kilos. Shane has been taking the TAIslim weight management system … Continue reading